Chili con Carne Jan braai 

on HomeFires braai special made for Jan braai tour 2016


Lumberjack Steak

Pitmaster x

Shovel Steak- party  trick

Pitmaster X

Chuck Stout Stew


Chakalaka Burger





homefires braai/ pitmasterx

Shovel Steak

on the Homefires braai

Sunshine Porc Steak

on the Homefires braai

Rotisserie Chicken

On the Homefires braai

Homefires braai

nothing beats the original

Braai broiled steak

on a Homefires braai

Lamb Rolls

on a Homefires braai

Stars meat Fire

an outstanding event with a two-star michelin restaurant & Comfort Trade

Pimientos de Padron

recipe from Don Marcos made by udenheim BBQ on the Homefires braai

Marshmallow pie

Ralph de kok and Pitmasterx on the Homefires braai

Smoked Mussels & Radler

Check out my BBQ

Q & A with PitmasterX

BBQ should be fun

PitmasterX & Ralph de Kok
and Homefires braai