The Homefires braai

Braai is adventure, braai is going back to your roots, braai is South Africa. Braaien in South Africa means grilling but it's a totally different experience then having a barbeque. It's a way of life, it is inextricably linked to the South African culture and above all braaien means coming together and having a good time! First of all and most important a braai works on wood. Not on charcoal and this typical 'woodtaste' you will find absolutey reflected in your dishes. So you start making a fire in the embermaker and make your own fresh charcoal . While you are cooking on the braai you are surrounded by a cozy fire and afterwards you can sit around it with your friends and enjoy the warmth from the fire. That's why the braai is the perfect outdoor kitchen and outdoor fireplace. WOOD MATTERS!

For inside and outside use
The braai can be deliverd in different sizes and different models. There are freestanding models to place in your garden/ on your terrace ( as a stand-alone), or you can built it in under fy a porch. Then there are the built-in models who can be totally installed indoors. Take a look in our gallery to see possibilities for freestanding braai's and built-in braai's.
Freestanding models are available in the sizes 0.80cm and 1.20cm wide. Built in models are available in 0.80cm, 1.00m and 1.20m wide. Additonal to these standard built in models there are two extra built-in models which have the possiblity for a large rotating spit. ( called a spitbraai) They come in two sizes; 1.50m and 1.80m ( this includes a 0.30cm motorcompartment at the side of the braai 220v ) With these spitbraai models you can prepare a whole lamb or up to 80kg of meat.

Basic Principle
The basic principle is the same for every braai whether you'll choose a freestanding braai or a built-in version. In every braai there is an embermaker installed. It provides you with a continuous flow of embers and you have the enjoyment of a fire for the full duration of your braai process. To play with the heat you can either move more or less charcoal under the grids, replace the grids to the desired height or just use the radiant heat from the steel. Further benefits of this unique braai is that it enables one to do conventional grilling, bake bread, prepare stir-fry dishes, do a traditional potjie kos, smoke meat or fish, or even spit-roast the occasional leg of lamb using the heavy duty rotisserie option. (spitbraai)
In the drawers of the braai you can bake some french bread, make a potatoe gratin or just keep your dishes warm before you'll serve your braaivleis. ( big piece of meat)

When you are done with your cooking you can easily use the braai as a fireplace. You can use a special fireplace grate in the braai to make a larger fire in it or just enjoy the warmth of the fire in the embermaker. With this fire you will make sure that you'll extend your summer evenings, just enjoy and relax with your friends & family.

*Make sure you'll buy a real HomeFires braai, market leader in SA, the best quality, adjusted to European standards.
Nothing beats the Original!