The South African braai

For 15 years now Comfort Trade is the European importer of the HomeFires braai. Meanwhile Comfort Trade made several adjustments especially for the European market and climate. The HomeFires braai's are all made from 3-4mm thick mild steel, have stainless steel grids ( one of the grids is a steakgrid of 8kg) which are very easy to clean, a double back wall to protect the braai unit itself and a heavy duty embermaker with bars of 18mm thick. The freestanding braai 800 ( 0.80cm wide) has also an extra insulation directly above the embermaker. Built-in models also have a connection for light included and all 800, 1000 & 1200 models have an upper door as well as a lower door that serves as a convenient table or worktop. The freestanding models are including a woodbox to store your wood underneath, a chimney element and a turbo cowl. This turbo cowl makes sure you have a good flew at any time and it prevends rain falling down the chimney.
Besides all the adjustments a Homefires braai has a wide variety of accessories available that enables creative barbecuing

Freestanding models

Freestanding models are available in 0.80cm and 1.20cm wide and are including a woodbox, a chimney element of 1.20m and a turbo cowl.


Built in models

Built in models are available in 0.80cm, 1.00cm and 1.20cm wide. Additional to these standard models there is also a built in model with a rotating spit. These are available in 1.50 and 1.80cm wide. This is including a 0.30cm motor compartment at the side of the braai unit.
Chimney elements and a rotating cowl has to be ordered separately. ( depending on the height needed)

built in