Homefires Trolley with Carson Rodizio kit.

High quality Trolley braai with adjustment for Carson Rodizio kit.
Including: Embermaker, steakgrid and grilling grid, potjie arm/holder and drawers.

Price Trolley: Euro 995,00 including VAT

Carson Rodizio

The Carson Rodizio kit is a rotisserie kit that converts your barbecue grill and backyard kitchen into a Brazilian style Steakhouse.

6 ajustable stainless steel skewers with aluminum heat protecting handles
Driving the spits that can easily spin as much as 15kg
Frame: 33cm W x 38cm T x 46-61cm frame

Price: Euro 695,00 including VAT

Carson Rodizio

Grade high heat insulated wiring
Delivered with an EU power supply
More accessories possible,
Easy to install in a Homefires Trolleybraai

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Available June 2017
Homefires Trolley braai with adjustment for Carson Rodizio kit

Carson Rodizio kit: available

You can pre order here quoting "pre order trolley braai" and fill in your address details on the form.

Picanha Steak on the Carson Rodizio kit


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